"With 40+ years in business, we have an extensive customer base that continues to grow. In the amusement Industry, we have recently become the U.S. Authorized Partner to provide wheels for a world leading manufacturer of roller coasters, Vekoma Rides. This will continue to increase our production demands," said Maclan spokesperson Maegan Wallace.


"Our manufacturing equipment has now expanded to also include the Mark XX Hydrospenser. Featuring superior control technology, this machines will decrease casting times and increase accuracy. The new technology allows recipes to be stored for recall and ratios to be adjusted within seconds. The machine dispenses precision pours from ounces to hundreds of pounds," adds Wallace.


Each supplementary machine opens the door for a multitude of capabilities. "Every time we expand on our equipment, we are expanding on our production abilities and possibilities. This is another reinvestment in our company we are excited to share with our customers," according to Maclan President Phil Lane.   


Maclan consumes 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space on 10 acres of land and continues to grow. In anticipation for the continued growth, the company has increased their production facilities. They are adding a new 5,000 square foot building which will house their expanded Quality Assurance department later in 2016. 


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